This page provides some best practices for creating a video, radio, or design PSA. Please review the tips below and the past winners’ PSAs. We hope you’re inspired to create a PSA that is original and impactful. For a comprehensive list of guidelines, please see the Official Rules. For more details, please read our FAQs.

Overall Tips


Start by mapping out an idea on paper. Write down as many ideas as possible, then go through your list and pick your favorite(s). Take those favorites and expand upon them, but ensure that your ideas are original. You can check that your ideas are original by doing a quick Google or internet search of your concept or keywords.

Tell a story and be creative

Don’t overthink this project. We want you to tell a short story in the form of a video, radio spot or billboard design. We’re looking for a well-made PSA, but we also want you to talk to your peers. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you’re crafting that message to share with your peers

We know we’re asking you to deal with a serious topic, but your submission doesn’t have to be overly serious. You have creative license to use humor, popular culture, personal impact, or whatever moves you. Be creative and just make sure that your creative execution is in good taste, is non-partisan and not affiliated with any specific religion, comes from your heart, and adheres to the Official Rules.

Capture attention

The first thing you must do is capture the attention of other teens and young adults. You need to create something they will notice and want to check out. There should be some sort of entertainment value and immediate attraction to your PSA.

Remember that you can make a difference

People wait their entire lives to affect positive change in our society. Through this project, we are offering you that opportunity now. You have a unique, authentic voice and point of view that can reach your peers in ways that adults cannot. Collectively, we can start a movement. YOU can start a movement. It’s not only possible; it’s probable.


Inspiration and Best Practices

First, check out past winners here.

Make sure your video is:

Billboard Design

Inspiration and Best Practices

First, check out past winners here. You can also find samples of outdoor advertisements for inspiration here. Also, please review the Clear Channel Outdoor best practices guide for tips on making effective outdoor advertising.

Make sure your billboard design is:


Inspiration and Best Practices

First, check out past winners here. You can also look here for more samples of effective radio ads. Also, please review the iHeartRadio best practices guide for tips here. Wordsworth & Booth has also provided tips on making effective radio ads here.

Make sure your radio spot is

Other Resources

Official Rules

Please review the Official Rules.

Music for Download

Click the link to Jingle Punks below to download an MP3 for use in your video (in some browsers, you will need to right click and save to your desktop). These songs are provided for use in the Project Yellow Light/Hunter Garner Scholarship contest only. Any other use of this music is prohibited, unless it's an original piece of music you have express permission to use.

We've also partnered with Jingle Punks this year to provide an amazing selection of music. Click here to request special access to the Jingle Punks music library.

Jingle Punks

All music provided here is strictly for the express purpose of the Project Yellow Light/Hunter Garner Scholarship video contest. Any other use of this music is prohibited.

Facts and Statistics

Check out these links for facts and statistics on distracted driving. Please note that you do not need to use facts or statistics in your submission, but if you choose to do so, they should be sourced from the below links and reflect data from the most recent year available.


Check out the Project Yellow Light toolkit for fun social content, examples of winning creative, and more information.

Thanks to all our partners

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